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Stone and Glass Scrub

Stone and Glass Scrub Hard Water Deposit Remover

Product Description: Stone Scrub is a unique non-acidic, non toxic compound that safely removes hard water and mineral deposits from stone and glass surfaces. Stone Scrub combines organic cleaning ...

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Traverfill Travertine Hole Filler

Product Description: Traverfill is an easy-to-use travertine repair product that permanently repairs unsightly holes, voids, and missing travertine fill. If unsightly holes and pits are making your...

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Natural Touch

Natural Touch Etch Remover & Polishing Compound

Product Description: Natural Touch is a unique buffing compound that restores shine and polish to damaged marble and travertine surfaces. Etch marks, dull spots and "water rings" can ruin the look ...

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Wet Poultice

Wet Poultice Stain Remover

Product Description: Wet Poultice is a toical poultice that pulls oil and water borne stains out of natural stone surfaces. Does your granite have unsightly stains from olive oil, butter, frying gr...

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